Living Generously

Living Generously

Sunday Service – 3/18/2018

Pastor Bryan Parish

“Living Generously”






  1. Key Verses on Generous Living
    1. The Main Motivation for Generosity (Luke 6.36)
    2. The Main Focus of Generosity (Proverbs 11.24-26)
  2. Barnabas: An Example of Generous Living
    1. Generosity Seen in the Nickname (Acts 4.36-37)
    2. Generosity Seen in the Treatment of Outcasts (Acts 9.26-27)
    3. Generosity Seen in the Joy for Others (Acts 11.22-24)
    4. Generosity Seen in Humility (Acts 11.25-26)
    5. Generosity Seen in the Response to Failure (Acts 15.36-41)
  3. The Difficult Areas of Generous Living
    1. Generosity Applied to Forgiveness (Matt 5.43-47)
    2. Generosity Applied to the Gospel (Ecc 11.4-6)


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