The Second Coming of Christ – Revelation 1:7

The Second Coming of Christ – Revelation 1:7

Sunday Service – 4/22/2018

Pastor Bryan Parish

“The Second Coming of Christ”





  1. The Behold
  2. The Parousia
    1. The Tense of the Word Parousia
    2. The Meaning of the Word Parousia
  3. The Clouds
    1. The Old Testament Clouds
    2. The New Testament Clouds
  4. The Eyes Who Will See Him
    1. The Teaching of Jesus
    2. The Application to Jesus
  5. The Ones Who Pierced Him
    1. The New Testament Verses
    2. The Old Testament Verses
  6. The Mourners
    1. The General Teaching
    2. The Specific Teaching
  7. The Response



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