The Trinity and the Resurrection – Easter

The Trinity and the Resurrection – Easter

Sunday Service – 4/16/2017

Pastor Bryan Parish

“The Trinity and the Resurrection”




  1. The Resurrection and the Son Rom 1:2-5
    1. The Focus of the Gospel (1:2)
    2. The Facts of the Resurrection (1:3-4)
    3. The Faith and the Resurrection (1:5)
  2. The Resurrection and the Father Rom 4:25, 1:16-17
    1. The Importance of the Resurrection (Rom 4:25)
    2. The Importance of the Righteousness of God (Rom 1:16-17)
  3. The Resurrection and the Holy Spirit Rom 8:11
    1. The Present Importance Rom (8:11a)
    2. The Future Hope (Rom 8:11b)


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